In 2007, we (Ben Hicks, Rene Jermal and Jon Pauss) created Elephant Dreams Pictures, a production company that self finances, markets, creates, screens, and distributes its films. By promising to never sell our films to large studios or distribution companies, we essentially cut out all the middlemen, allowing a unique and uncompromised voice in film making.

Our films are promoted and then taken to theaters personally, giving film viewers a more interactive experience and a chance to meet with members of the cast and crew. The DVD's are sold exclusively through our website, our film screenings, and through the support of small businesses across the country. The profits from our film screenings and DVD sales go directly towards the next Elephant Dreams Pictures film. We are a film company that is completely dependent upon our fans. Since Elephant Dreams Pictures only makes the films of writer/director Ben Hicks, this guarantees that fan support of his unique vision is directly responsible for our ability to create his next film.

Ben Hicks' family owned a local video store in Illinois that was put out of business in 1999 by giant chain video stores that have gobbled up small businesses across the country. Through Elephant Dreams Pictures we are seeking to help small Mom & Pop shops by selling our DVD's exclusively to small and local businesses. We guarantee that we will never allow our films to be stocked on the shelves of companies that put local, family, and independent shops around the country out of business. If you are interested in selling or renting our DVD's, please contact Jon Pauss via our contact page to join the parade in the fight against big business.

Every store that joins our parade will get a link to their website, a map of their location (if desired), and an opportunity to tell people who visit our site a little bit about their business.